New site on the way



A few of you might have noticed that there hasn’t been much activity on the website lately. That’s because we are currently working on a brand new site for the world that is Dreamcatcher Music! And by “we are working”, we mean that the amazingly professional guys at Fjellstad & Skogly Web are accommodating our every whim in making the new site look perfectly dreamcatchery.


We’ve seen the preliminary site, and it is looking lush and gorgeous. Can’t wait to have it up and show you all!


– Team –


Teams up with a new venue

Dreamcatcher Music teams up with Tromsø-venue Kaia to bring you exciting new concerts. The concept is called “En Trivelig Kveld” and consists of a night of live music from four artists. On each night, one established, well known Norwegian artist will share the stage with three up and coming artists and form a night where you can relive old favourites – as well as discover new ones.


To kick off the collaboration, Dreamcatcher and Kaia invite you to the very first concert Wednesday Dec 11th at 21:00. We are excited to present to you the following bunch of artistic talent:



Ketil Stokkan

Ketil Stokkan is a well known name in Norway. Since the 70’es he’s been active in the music business, and has established himself as an accomplished singer and songwriter from the north. Ketil is most famous for being the lead vocalist and composer in the northern Norwegian band ZOO and as the winner of Norwegian Eurovision in 1986 and 1990. Many also know him from the blues/rock trio “Stokkan”, a bandproject that released the album “To The Bone” in 1994. Since 1978 Ketil Stokkan has released 12 albums, with unforgettable hits like ”Vent, ikkje legg på”, ”Evig Ung”, ”Romeo” and Brandenburger Tor” and many, many more.

At Dreamcatcher, you can see Ketil Stokkan in an unusually stripped and acoustic setting, presenting his songs intimately and personally. This is an opportunity not to be missed!  


Johan Aarstein

The colourful centre stage of the local band “Hjerterå” has quickly become noticed in the local music-community as a talented and capable singer, musician, composer and lyricist. With a keen eye, unique vocals and an eerie ability to capture the lives of the less fortunate and lonely in musical form, Hjerterå has become a phenomena that is about to redefine the norwegian folkrock-genre. As a solo-artist, Aarsten has, among other projects, recently played to sold out capacity during the Barents Jazz-festival – with his project “Dylan på Norsk”, and when he takes to the stage at Kaia, you can be there again to enjoy a mix of songs from Aarsteins projects. 



Kaaven is a young sibling-trio from Tromsø. On the Dreamcatcher-stage you can hear them perform self-composed folk-songs in northern Norwegian, spiced up with some flamenco-inspired guitarplay and international subtones. They are a well kept secret in Tromsø, and well worth getting to know better. 



Singersongwriter Vilde-Alida from Tromsø is a focused young artist with a message. Despite her young age she has gathered a fair share of experience with songwriting and performing – quite simply because she’s always known that she was born to be an artist. Come see her at Kaia – This is an artist you will hear from for many years to come.


Dreamcatcher/JuVel Soulful



Friday, Oct 18th Dreamcatcher is back for another night of live music at Driv. This time our focus is to present talented artists who’s music is dreamy, alternative and good for the soul – and we are fortunate enough to have two amazing artists on stage; “Of Rust & Bone” (UK) and “KOL” (NO).


Of Rust And Bone (UK):

Opening the night, this emerging indie-band from the UK will hit you with a musical sound that gives you goose-bumps. We immediately draw parallels to a melancholic Ben Howard, or even artists like Nick Drake and Elliott Smith. Expect low key mysticism, deep lyrics and a strong and penetrating vocal from the leading man, Adam Burridge.



Even if he is originally from the south of Norway, he still is Tromsøs very own Kristian Olstad. A musical genious who, in his project KOL, takes the audience on an experimental journey that gently caresses the edges of jazz music. We have been wanting to show him off for a long time now, and finally we have the opportunity to let you know that this is an artist you SHOULD take note of!


What is special about this particular concert is that it is a collaboration with the charity JuVel-aksjonen 2013, and the entry fee you pay at the door is going directly to the charity, raising money for Kafé X. We are very passionate about the fantastic work they do, and hope you will come down to the concert and show your support as well.


Doors: 22:00

Concert starts: 23:00

Cc: 100,- NOK